Delivery and performance management

Over many years Sarah has ensured improved performance across a wide range of services.  These have been measured by independent assessors and direct performance management.  Examples include

  • As interim Director as Southend, she started the improvement in recycling that took the town from lowest decile to top quartile in 18 months. She ensured that the ratings for the annual transport progress report remained high and laid the departmental foundations for the improved 3 star rating in the Council's 2007 CPA
  • At LB Hammersmith & Fulham, when she became Benefits Services Manager in 1990, the service had qualified accounts, very high absence levels and poor performance measures.  In two years she led a management team which removed all qualifications by the auditors, reduced sickness absence from 10% to 2.5% and ensured the service met all national targets for performance.
  • At LB Hounslow she reshaped the innovative anti-harassment service (covering both the private sector and 17,000 public sector homes) to significantly improve relationships between the Police and local communities, increasing reporting, improving response times and enhancing the ways in which harassers were identified and managed. 

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